Covid-19 and Buying and selling a home in HRM

Covid 19 and Real Estate in HRM and all of Nova Scotia

When Covid-19 hit Halifax many thought the real estate market would stop cold but that's not what happened.  The real estate industry created protocols to keep buyers and sellers safe and after a short pause the market came back stronger than ever. Some sellers did decide not to sell so the available supply of houses dropped. There were still lots of buyers wanting to buy so the demand outweighed the supply.  Properties started selling in a day for significantly higher than full list price. This has continued through all of 2020 and beyond.

Covid-19 and Buyers
With technology all of a real estate purchase can be done virtually. Many properties now have advanced 3D Virtual tours and all have loads of photos. So if you are a buyer who chooses not to physically view a property that can be done and is being done regularly in HRM. All the paperwork can be online as well.
If a buyer chooses to view a property that is totally fine as well. Buyers are asked to answer a few questions about whether they have been out of the province or country in the past 14 days. They are also asked to wear a mask and sanitize when viewing a property.  Touching of any surface is discouraged as well and sellers will often open all interior and cabinet doors and turn all the lights on the property.
So buying a property during Covid-19 is not a problem at all.

Covid-19  and sellers
A listing of a property can be done totally virtually if that is what the seller wants.  The only person who would have to go to the property would be a professional photographer/videographer to take photos and if required prepare a Virtua Tour. All the paperwork can be done online.
If a seller wants to meet in person that is fine too. We wear masks and sanitize to keep everyone safe.

Buying and selling property in HRM is not a problem at all. Hundreds of properties in HRM have been bought and sold without any cases of Covid exposure.
If you want to buy or sell a property we take all the precautions needed to keep you safe.