IRP Military Halifax Relocation Buyers Guide

Welcome military personnel !!

You are posted into or out of Halifax/Dartmouth (HRM) and you are looking for an experienced IRP Brookfield approved Realtor who understands IRP and that can help you. We would like to offer our services to you.

The Military IRP program is administered by Brookfield Relocation which is a part of Royal LePage Real Estate. There are Brookfield representatives in many military bases around the world. These representatives advise the members on the Brookfield IRP program. We are on the Brookfield IRP approved list and have been for many years. Servicing military personnel that are moving in and out of the Halifax area is a major part of our real estate business. Every year we deal with many members moving into and out of the area. We know the IRP program very well and with your Brookfield IRP rep we can help guide through what can be a very complicated and confusing process. We have created a FAQ page that addresses some of the common questions that we hear from military members.

One of the most important parts of your relocation is dealing with other Brookfield IRP approved suppliers such as lawyers, inspectors and appraisers. We have an excellent group of Brookfield IRP approved people that we deal with all the time and will provide you a list of those suppliers. We will set up all appointments for you with the suppliers you select when you need them. We take care of everything so that you can concentrate on buying your home.


Military  Buyers:

Your House Hunting TRIP (HHT) is short and you need to do a lot in that very short period of time. So we guarantee that we will be available every day you are here for as long as you need us.  There are two of us so this is never an issue. Most times we work together showing you properties. Buyers tell us they like having both the man and women's perspective.

A lot can be accomplished before you arrive. Once you contact us we will forward you a Homebuyer's Package, including MLS® listings that match your needs and wants, and we immediately start working with you to develop a list of properties to view during you HHT. You are setup to be emailed all the new MLS® listings that suit your needs as soon as they are listed. We will educate you on the HRM area and the buying process here. We will answer any questions and we will do it quickly. We have email on both our phones and respond very quickly to our client's questions.  We organize the viewings and inspections for your HHT.  We have handled so many buyers on HHT that we have a great system that works very well. Your HHT will be hassle free and successful.


Things Military Buyers and Sellers Need to Know:

Military buyers and sellers should understand the following:
Paying for inspections ( other than house inspection) up front - Home inspectors bill Brookfield directly but you pay for all other inspections up front and are reimbursed later. Inspections such as well and septic and radon can add up to over $1,000 so you need to be prepared for this.
Loss on the sale of your home - There is a provision in your IRP plan that provides for you being reimbursed up to $30,000 on any loss that you incurred when you sell your home. This is important to know if you get to the point where you have an offer that is less than you paid for your home and want to accept it. You can accept it and be reimbursed for the loss up to $30,000. This can be very beneficial in a slow market.
Things you need for you House Hunting Trip (HHT) - You will need certain things for your HHT.
- Name and contact information of your Brookfield Rep and your Brookfield file number. Your house inspector and lawyer will need these to bill Brookfield
- A cheque for your deposit - You will need a cheque for your deposit and funds in the chequing account to cover your deposit. A deposit cheque of between $1,000 and $5,000 will be needed when you write your offer and will be cashed upon accepted. The amount of deposit required will be determined by what the seller wants but a general rule is $1000 for purcgases up to $250,000. $3000 from $250,000 and $400,000. $5000 for purchases over $500,000. This is only a general rule of thumb and amounts vary.
- Slip on shoes for viewing homes
- GPS for your car rental - A GPS is very helpful on your HHT. Either rent a car that has one or the rental company can rent you a portable one.

Why select us:

1) Very experienced - over 40 year of combined real estate experience.

2) Knowledgeable - we know the IRP program inside and out and we know all the HRM area extremely well because we have sold homes in most of the areas of HRM. We also know where to stay away from.

3) Reliable - we do what we say we are going to do.

4) Quick to respond -You contact us and we respond and fast.

5) Great team of suppliers such as lawyers and all kinds of inspectors. You will deal what we believe are the best in their business. We can also advise you on things like best insurance, cable/internet, telephone, fuel etc.

Brookfield and Royal Lepage:

Brookflield Relocation and Royal LePage are owned by the same company. Brookfield was called Royal LePage Relocation for many years. As a Royal LePage Realtors we work very closely with Brookfield in dealing with not only Military and RCMP members but also corporate relocations. This relationship is helpful in our dealing with you.

Military IRP Program:

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