House Inspection in Nova Scotia


When you buy a property, satisfactory inspections will be a part of the process. What inspections are completed is totally up to you. The cost of these inspections are the buyer's responsibility. All the inspections below are covered by IRP if you are in the military or RCMP. Most companies will cover some or all of these tests as part of your relocation package. We have excellent Brookfield approved professionals that we can recommend or you can find your own.


Home Inspection:

A home inspection is a visual inspection to determine the condition of the home. Almost all buyers will have home inspections and it is a standard condition in an agreement of purchase and sale. The inspection is carried out by a qualified home inspector of your choice. This inspection usually takes place after you have an agreement to purchase in place. It will take between 1 1/2 and 3 hours. The cost will vary between inspectors but generally it will be about $400-$450 plus HST. The buyer is usually present during the inspection to see the results first hand and have any questions answered by the inspector.

If a property has expensive special features such as a pool or a hot tub we recommend that these be checked out separately by someone who is in that business. Most home inspectors won't inspect these items and if they do they may not be qualified to do so. These types of inspections usually run between $100 and $200.


Well Flow Test: water quality and quantity
If you are buying a home with a well you need to know there will be enough water for your needs. A flow test will tell give you this information. The cost for this test varies but will usually be between $300 and $400.

Water quality : 
Your lender will require a water test for "potable water". This means that the water passes recommended standards for Nova Scotia for bacteria,arsenic and uranium. We recommend that you test beyond this minimum test so that you no what is in the well. The cost for "full chemistry" is about $300. 


Septic Test:
A new septic can cost $25,000 or more. A septic test will be carried out by someone in that business. The cost varies but is usually between $250 and $300 plus HST.

Sewer lateral inspection : City water.